Preschooler Art: Alligator

I try to be fair and feature both DS and DD’s work equally where possible. However, of the two, it is DD who is really into drawing and preserving her work carefully, whereas DS prefers writing and leaving his sheets of paper all over the place. 

So it is a rare and random moment when he will sit quietly for five minutes, draw something and present it to me as a gift, and then run off forgetting all about it afterward.  And if I don’t capture a picture of the finished work at that very moment, instead leaving it aside for later, I will mostly likely come back to find it all scrawled over with other random scribblings of numbers or letters of the alphabet over the drawing.

So this is a pic of my 2 1/2 year old’s really cool, just completed alligator (it’s the one at the top of the sheet) , right before it gets lost in the midst of numbers and letters, or coloured over beyond recognition. 😉    


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