In my world: My baking box

Look what finally turned up. The box with my baking tools!

My baking tools! My baking tools!! My baking tools!!!

Know where it was?

On the highest shelf.
Above eye level. No…I daresay, above scalp level.

In the utility room.
At the back of the kitchen.
With a whole lot of other boxes labelled…“Files”.
Where no one would have thought to look.
With its identifying label “Baking Tools” written on the top, not on the side, so no one would ever have guessed.

– _______ –

Life has a funny way…

But I’m glad I’ve found them.

And weirdly so, I’m also glad for the wacky dramatic week that resulted from our not finding it earlier. It certainly made for a memorable birthday celebration.

I’m actually so glad that I’m entertaining the mad idea of washing all the tools and pulling out the springform pan to make a cheesecake. But I’m also so glad they’ve been found that I’m finally going to have a good good sleep after a month’s worth of playing real life box Tetris for two hours every night.

Bake? Or Sleep? Someone save me from myself… 😛

*Our thanks to friends and blog readers who’ve asked us about how the unpacking and renovation is going. The now famous long-awaited kitchen countertop came in this week.  There’s still  lots of work and a sizeable number of boxes to sort but things are settling back into more of a normal pace.  It’s all good. 🙂


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