Wordcraft: F is for Family

In Chinese culture, there are very specific titles for the paternal grandparents and maternal grandparents, as well as relatives on each side of the extended family.

For example, paternal grandpa is Yie Yie, paternal grandma is Nai Nai, maternal grandpa is Gong Gong, maternal grandma is Puo Puo.

While it takes a lot of effort to remember and teach them to the kids, I do admit that once we get the hang of it, it really sets out very clearly who and what each relative’s rank is in the generational order of the extended family. Really cool.  😀

We did this craft today with the children as a shared piece. They took turns writing the letters of the word  f a m i l y.
So DD wrote the first letter f, DS wrote the next letter a, and so on till we finished off with the letter y.

To make your own family tree, you will need the following materials: Artblock sheet, crayons, family photos, pen, scissors, glue.

1. Cut out the pictures of the members of the family you want to display on your family tree.

2. With the crayons, draw out two trees with the branches intertwined at your picture and your husband’s.  I also marked out the letters f a m i l y in dotted grid as a guide for the children.

3. Take turns writing out the letters and decorating the tree.

4. Paste on the pictures and take some time to talk about the inter-relationships between the various persons on your family tree.  (apologies to our readers – in keeping with our intention to respect the privacy of the family, the images have been blocked out)


Extended activity: Kindness Chart

1. Create a family kindness chart.
2. With a marker, draw up a grid of squares. Decorate your chart however you like.
3. Every time someone in the family demonstrates kindness to another, reward that person with a sticker on the chart.
4. Once the number of stickers reaches e.g. 10 (you can decide your own measure), take the whole family out for a treat to enjoy together.

This idea came about because we wanted to encourage DD and DS to be kind to one another as siblings, as opposed to often fighting with one another over toys, crayons, etc… 

How effective it will be, we don’t know yet, as you can see we’ve just started, but we can already see them being happy and proud of themselves every time they earn a sticker, and with two more days to go, I’m hopeful we might just make that treat on this weekend! 🙂

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