Wordcraft: E for Egg

We borrowed this book from the library two weeks ago, and it’s a hilarious story about a duck (or more accurately, a drake) who obviously couldn’t lay his own egg so he went out and found one.  The children love it and want it read to them EVERYDAY!

I think they just like the sound of the title. The Odd Egg. The Odd Egg. The Odd Egg.  Say it enough times and maybe you’ll begin to see what I mean. 🙂

So we thought it might be fun for them to paint their own odd eggs yesterday evening. 

You will need the following materials: White sheet of paper, paints and brushes.

1. Mix your paints.
2. Paint your own odd egg.

3. Finally, spell and write the word “e g g”.  The green one is DS’s (and yes, that is his own handwriting…he’s been having fun lately with an iPhone app that teaches handwriting strokes), and the pink is DD’s .  😀

Bibliography: The Odd Egg by Emily Gravett, published by Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing, Jan 2009. 

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