Weeding my garden

This evening, when I brought the kids out to play in Grandpa’s garden, we noticed patches of weeds all across the grass. Imagine, it’s only been two weeks that the garden has been left alone, and all this has sprung up.

As I sat there, a thought struck me about how some of the weeds with flowers and interesting leaves actually looked quite pretty and added an interesting dimension to otherwise plain ol’ crab grass.
And what a shame it would be to uproot them.

But then the parable of the sower in Matthew 13: 1 – 9 came to mind.

While it’s not an immediate word-for-word match, I thought about how the thorns, representations of the “worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth and the desires for other things” choked the seeds, and how in a somewhat similar fashion, a garden full of weeds, pretty or otherwise, will eventually become an eyesore, and hinder the healthy growth of the grass.

A timely thought indeed, in the middle of the first quarter of the year when new goals and objectives are still fresh.

To stop me in my tracks and challenge me to consider if I have any “weeds” in my own garden that need pulling up – anything deceptively pretty, that appears to offer me a difference from the ordinary but is actually seeking to undermine – so that my spiritual garden can flourish in the new spring, unchoked by the weeds of this world.

Have you weeded your garden lately? 🙂

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