Sorry it’s been quiet with not many Chinese New Year themed posts this time round. Things have been busy around the household this year particularly, in addition to the usual Chinese New Year bustle, so I’ve really only started logging on to the computer today.

Being “unplugged” has been good though. 

I took two days of leave from work, in addition to the two public holidays we get in Singapore for Chinese New Year. 

We drove home to visit my parents.  The kids played with my brother’s toy car set (positively vintage by now!) and we ate a lot of good food. 

I went to pick up DD from kindergarten today. Knowing she loves surprises, I didn’t tell her about it and just appeared at going-home time. Which made seeing her face light up, totally priceless.

I grabbed the chance for a five-minute chat with the teacher to ask about DD’s adjustment to school. 

We took the public bus together and chatted about all sorts of things, including the kind of house she wants to buy me when she grows up (one with a big playground and a swing lonGERRR {emphasis hers 😉 } than the one in my parents’ home).

DS proudly showed me his newly learned ability to write the letters “e”, “s” and numbers “1”, “2” and “7”. 

The kids and I went to the playground and had it all to ourselves for one leisurely hour of fun on the slides and climbing frames.

And this evening, when DH gets home from work, we are joining the extended family for a yummy “lo hei” and seafood dinner.

If I was asked right at this moment, to describe “contentment”, I think this would come pretty close. 🙂


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