New series – Wordcraft: A for Ark

“It’s time to build a word…let’s build it, let’s build it now!”

Now that both the children are able to recognize most of the letters of the alphabet, DH and I have decided to begin a new series of wordcraft. 🙂

I haven’t got any particular theme in mind, but since we gave the kids a Noah’s Ark puzzle in early January, I pulled together an ark craft the other day when I was home with DS and DD was away at kindergarten.

You will need the following materials: Tissue box, toothpaste box, cellophane tape, scissors, coloured paper, glue, craft foam.

1. Wrap the tissue box and toothpaste box in coloured paper of your child’s choice.

2. Paste the toothpaste box on the top of the tissue box.

3. While your child is pasting the boxes together, cut out the letters a, r, k from craft foam. Also, cut out some small windows to paste onto the ark. (I did this for DS while DD cut out her own when she returned from school and wanted an ark of her own as well.)

4. Paste the letters on the lower part of the ark and the windows on the upper portion.

This was not a very accurately dimensioned ark but I figured if I wanted to be accurate to the measurements, I’d have to find a very skinny long box.  A small one would probably be not very attention-engaging for a preschool craft project…and a large one I have no idea where to get that and certainly no space for it!  😀

So for those who would like to do a more detailed study into the hows, whats and whys about the actual ark, Answers in Genesis has a pretty good write up.  Click here for the link.

Mister Noah built an ark

The people thought it such a lark

Mister Noah pleaded so

But into the ark they would not go.

Down came the rain in torrents, torrents

Down came the rain in torrents, torrents

Down came the rain in torrents

And only eight were saved.


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