Archive | January 14, 2011

In my world: Flowers for you, mummy!

To the eyes of adult passers-by, they are just insignificant, barely noticeable, tiny weed flowers in the grass by the sidewalk. 
But to a little girl and boy, they are flowers for mummy.
And to the mummy of the boy and girl, they are a bouquet of sunshine. 🙂


Sometimes in the middle of cleaning the rooms, I discover little gems left behind by the children. (I wasn’t cleaning any rooms this time…but we’d just returned from grocery shopping at Coles in Cowes, Phillip Island, when the kids woke up from their naps, so we let them run around a little in a small patch of green near where we’d parked our car.)

This Friday series was started with the intention of celebrating the imagination and creativity in a young child’s world…and hoping that it’ll bring a little ray of inspiration and joy to your day, as it does mine.