Notes from our Melbourne holiday – Day 7 (Melbourne – Singapore)

9:00am We walk out to the car to clear some stuff.  The weather is 40 degrees Celsius. It’s mad scorching heat, and we abandon all initial thought of exploring Melbourne city by tram and decide to just laze and take a slow day in our friend’s home.  🙂

The kids are happy to be left alone in the living room, playing with stickers and colouring their activity books and I decide to bake shepherd’s pie to bring for their dinner on the plane.

We’re honestly glad it’s the last day of our holiday. The individual activities have been enjoyable, but somehow collectively, the whole experience doesn’t seem as fun as Perth was. 

I’m not sure why, but I’m not in the mood to deconstruct now.  I’ve got a cool digital oven to play with, a good couple of hours to spare and I just want to zone out and bake. 😎


8:00pm  Dinner is now only being served on the flight but that’s okay.

My kids polished off the last of the pie a half hour ago. 

They have A-Team showing on the inflight entertainment. 

I sneak a peek to find DD is chatting animatedly to DH in the row behind. Beside me, DS is busy enjoying a second dinner of spaghetti and feeding himself.  It’s a tad messy but I’m happy that everyone’s happy. 🙂


11:25pm  We touch down in Changi on time, go through two travellators and clear immigration in a breeze.  And as we stand at the belt awaiting our luggage, and the children are safely in their grandpa’s arms in the arrival hall, I am reminded why I love Singapore.




Ahhh. It’s good to be home.  😀


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