Archive | January 11, 2011

Notes from our Melbourne holiday – Day 6 (Dandenong Ranges)

1:00pm This had to have been the most frustrating part of our trip. Getting to Puffing Billy at Belgrave took four detours of getting lost on the highways and byways, because of inadequate maps and our wanting to save money on GPS per day charge. Grr.  People shouldn’t be penalised for trying to save money on GPS. 😦

And when we got there, the cupboard was bare so the poor dog had none. 

The 1:55pm train leaving Belgrave was all we could make it for, and tickets were sold out. 

It was 1:00pm and none of us had had lunch. We were all running on empty tummies, and near empty patience as well.

Anyway. We give the kids their lunch. 

The kindly old stationmaster recommends that we could attempt to take the 3:20pm from Lakeside to Gembrook and back as an alternative.  

We finally decide to drive to Lakeside just to see how it is. We get there and find out there is a $2 per hour parking fee, so stingy poker me stands shuffling my feet and deliberating by the ticket machine. 

An SUV pulls up and the guy winds down his window, waves and calls out to us, “Hey, do you guys want a parking coupon?”

I’m so bowled over that I stand gaping with my mouth opening and closing like a fish, trying to make sense of this…

A paid full day coupon. 

So that decides it. We’re going to explore Lakeside.


4:30pm  At Lakeside, DD is more interested in gathering sticks while her brother picks up pebbles. We also find some bread to feed the ducks at the pond.  It’s nicely therapeutic to just sit on the grass and watch the ducks run for the bread.

In the end, we didn’t ride Puffing Billy but apparently there were some delays today on the track, so it’s just as well that we didn’t as we’d have stressed ourselves out trying to arrive at our friend’s home in Melbourne at the appointed time. 

Here’s some interesting trivia about it though. 🙂


6:15pm We’re sitting in our friend’s backyard now, enjoying lemonade, pasta and garlic bread, and waiting to sink our teeth into the sausages, lamb chops and beef steaks roasting and wafting out an amazing aroma on their BBQ pit.  And there’ll be pavlova and freshly picked cherries for dessert.  Ooh!

Over a hearty dinner, we catch up over all the happenings in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Australia and the UK. And it’s all good. 🙂