Notes from our Melbourne holiday – Day 5 (Great Ocean Road – Surf Coast)

8:57am  We left the house at 8:00am today to catch the vehicular ferry across from Sorrento to Queenscliff.  We want to board the 9:00am so it’ll give us a good headstart for our drive down the Surf Coast.  We didn’t think we would, but we do make it, our car crosses the ramp onto the ferry…at 8:57am!  We’re the second last car to get on board.  Whoo hoo!

Everyone’s at the top deck of the ferry, taking in the ocean breeze, and hoping to spot dolphins. 

We don’t see any, and eventually it gets too chilly to stay up top, so we make our way down into the covered passenger lounge where it’s warmer, and eat our egg, tomato and cheese sandwiches. 

Ever since his bout of airsickness, I have been very wary of allowing DS to eat too much on any rides, but he seems to be on a roll.  He just won’t stop eating! Before this, he could never be convinced to eat sandwiches. I want to tell him, enough, but in my heart, I’m also really glad that he’s finally so into chewing that I decide to just play it by ear.

At the Queenscliff information centre, we meet a very nice old man named Brian at the counter who provides us three maps and extensive information, including where the petrol stations are to guide us on our intended route.


12:00pm We stop at Airey’s Inlet for lunch. The tearoom scones are expensive! $4 a piece!  Thank God, mum prepared fried rice, as just scones and a pot of tea for three, set us back $21!  Ok, that’s a tad too many exclamation marks but seriously… 


4:00pm The highlight of this drive was seeing the koalas in the trees at Kennett River. It was exciting for the kids, and of course, fantastic that it was free of charge. The koalas are high up in the tree branches and you have to peer up to find them.  There were only two around that day, and we were fortunate that they stirred from sleep a couple of minutes after we arrived. 🙂

But that shouldn’t be the only highlight of a drive along the Great Ocean Road. 

I guess I expected more.

From what I’ve seen so far, I personally think the Great Ocean Road is rather overrated.  The scenery is pretty much the same across, and honestly, if we have to drive twice the distance and time that we’re doing now, to get to view eight stone stacks in the sea…umm…

Well… 😦

I think New Zealand has better views and more interesting cliffside driving terrain and topography. 

Okay, that’s all I’m going to say before some patriotic Aussie comes along and clobbers me.


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