Notes from our Melbourne holiday – Day 4 (Strawberries, Signatures and Sorrento)

9:30am We’re at Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm. The sun is positively blazing but it doesn’t deter the long queue of eager berry pickers!

The field is packed with locals and tourists alike and it’s quite amusing to hear excited exclamations, every few rows or so, about the size and sweetness of the strawberries, in English, Cantonese, Hokkien, Hindi, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese…and Singlish. 😉

The strawberries are huge and crunchy! 

We pay $28 in total for entrance and 2 empty 2kg punnets to fill with our harvest.  That works out to approximately $2 more per kg than store-bought strawberries.  I think it’s worth it though, as I’ve never seen what strawberry vines look like before, and so it’s an educational experience for both the adults and the children. 🙂

To our surprise, DS is eating non stop and asking for more, and more, and more.  DH says he thinks DS has finally discovered his teeth and is enjoying the benefits of it.  That’s a big hurray to me, as it means he will hopefully lose the habit of swallowing his food wholesale without chewing.


11:30am We arrive at Montalto Vineyard and Olive Grove.

2008 Montalto Pinot Noir, and 2010 Pennon Hill Moscato

My colleague recommended me this place and so we’re here to check out its signature Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  We eat at the piazza since that is where everyone seems to be.  It’s also easier on the pocket than the restaurant, and this allows the kids freedom to run around in the gardens.

The food is good. The wine and olive oils as well…especially their basil infused olive oil…yummm!  After tasting its signature offerings, we find the Montalto range full-bodied, it really packs a punch, whereas the Pennon Hill range is lighter and fruitier.   So we end up buying a Pinot Grigio and Moscato to bring home.

What I like about Montalto is how you can get up close to the vines.  They’re right beside where we sit, so the children get a first hand close up view of what grapevines look like to compare it with the alphabet craft they did for V for Vine.


3:45pm After a brief rest back at our accommodation, we drive out to the beach at Sorrento. The children chase (more!) seagulls and play with sand.

It is interesting to note the Oriental and Occidental divide – rows and rows of fair-skinned Westerners lying in the sun, soaking up every UV ray possible, whilst mum and myself, and other Asians are taking shelter in the shade of the trees as best as we can. Haha!

We explore an enticing boardwalk that leads out to a small jetty where boats pick up and drop off passengers from larger vessels out in the sea.  The railing is only on one side, scary when you are holding on to two young children!

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