Archive | January 7, 2011

Notes from our Melbourne holiday – Day 3 (Mornington Peninsula – Cape Schanck)

11:30am We leave Phillip Island today and head for Mornington Peninsula.

Along the way, we decided to stop and explore the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory. Sorry to say, it’s nothing much. The free tasting consists of a single truffle which although smooth, wasn’t enough to send me into flavonoid heaven and back. 

Additionally, everything is priced extremely expensively, in comparison to The Margaret River Chocolate Company. Unimpressed, we leave in a matter of minutes. Everyone is glad DH suggested going to the Nobbies yesterday instead of to the chocolate factory. It was a good call.

It’s a long drive and we break midway in Hastings for a picnic lunch.  DS and DD run and climb awhile in the playground, while we chat with a friendly local for directions to Cape Schanck.


1:30pm  By the time we reach Cape Schanck, both children are fast asleep in their car seats so DH opts to watch over them while mum and I explore the grounds. 

There is also a boardwalk that hugs the cliffs of the cape but this one is a lot steeper and has a lot of steps. 

It’s quite a climb but you can go all the way to the bottom of the cliff, stand on the rocky shores and literally taste the salt spray from the ocean.  My ears throb from the pressure of the powerful winds and I pull my hoodie up around my head.  I don’t know how my mum is surviving without a windbreaker, I’m positively freezing! 

When we’re almost to the bottom of the steps though, it starts to rain and so everyone runs helter-skelter in a vertical marathon back up the steps. Whew!


4:45pm We gladly pull up at our accommodation. Time for a simple dinner, a quick trip out to get groceries, and then bedtime. The children are the only ones full of energy. Mum and I are beat from the cliffside trek and DH from the driving!