Notes from our Melbourne holiday – Day 2 (Churchill Island and The Nobbies)

9:00am The kids and us go out to feed the chickens. We manage to collect two freshly laid eggs! The city rats are completely excited. I’ve never collected eggs from a chicken coop before. 😀

The farmhouse chicken coop

DH also finds a dandelion.  Incidentally, we’d been reading about dandelions just before our trip so it was pretty cool for them to find a real one to blow away the seeds.


10:30am We arrive at Churchill Island Heritage Farm. The kids admire and pat some clydesdale horses…

… and watch a cow milking demonstration. Each of us gets to try our hand at milking the cow. The small quantity in the pail is given to the piglets, who fight with each other to drink it.

The farm also has ducks, chickens, turkeys, sheep and peacocks, which one can get pretty up close with and we spent some time going round each of the enclosures.


1:00pm We have a very yummy lunch at the café and sit back and enjoy a little while more before heading out to the town centre to do some proper grocery shopping. The children fall asleep in the car on the way. So while my mum stayed to watch over them, we hotfoot it to Coles and get some quick and efficient shopping done.

Hurray, we’ll have pasta, roast chicken with veggies and grilled salmon for dinner tonight! Mum smiles and says it’s like our delayed Christmas dinner.  😉


4:00pm On a whim, DH decides we should take a drive to the Nobbies – a couple of large rock islands off the southern coast of Phillip Island where there is a colony of Australian fur seals. You can view the seals from a large screen that receives real-time feeds from underwater cameras, in the Nobbies Centre and then explore the rugged coastline scenery and nesting seabird colonies on a boardwalk that circles around the cliffside.  Entry is free, and I hope they are able to let it stay that way.  

Along the way, we spot two pairs of tiny fairy penguin feet in a little burrow.

Can you spot them?

The coastal boardwalk brings us to some really magnificent rock formations, carved out by the sea.

It is simply.magnificent.

Powerful waves crash upon the craggy rocks, seagulls swoop over the cliff face and the leaves on the hill rustle and bend to the will of the winds. 

I stand, still and small, shielding my eyes and cheeks from the wildness of nature all around me that resounds with a glorious anthem of praise to its Creator. And I worship God.

“Who is like you, LORD God Almighty? You, LORD, are mighty, and your faithfulness surrounds you. You rule over the surging sea; when its waves mount up, you still them.” ~ Psalm 89: 8 – 9


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