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Award from All Things Beautiful

Phyllis Berg from All Things Beautiful dropped me a wonderful surprise note and award which I found when we returned from holiday.

Thank you Phyllis! 🙂 

This post is a little overdue…but here goes.

The requirements on the award are as follows:-
1. Specify three destinations to which you want to travel and write why.
2. Pass on if you wish, to as many or few as you wish.
3. I think I would add a thank you to the blog that gave it to you is in order as well. : )

My choices…

1. Aruba and Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Made famous by the Beach boys, when that tune plays over the radio, it never fails to make me think about getting away from it all, lazing on the beach with a book and a cocktail in hand. It is a long long time since DH and I have had a holiday all on our own, so this would be my vote if it was just me and him.

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2. The Giant’s Causeway, Antrim, Northern Ireland.

I don’t know if we’ll ever get to go to here, but the hexagonic basalt columns resulting from an ancient volcanic eruption truly intrigue me.  Imagine what it’d be like to walk on the columns, and sit down and touch them.  Imagine the little twinge of fear as you stand on the cliff top and look down at the crashing waves.  Phew…

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3. New Zealand

We visited New Zealand for our honeymoon many years back, and we still want to go back one day with the kids this time. It is a beautiful beautiful land, with a dramatic topography that continues to inspire me to pause and be still and with all of creation, worship our Creator God. 

This is a picture of Franz Josef Glacier.  The glaciers are moving back further and further away with each passing year. When we visited in 2003, it took us 45 minutes to get to the foot of the glacier for the trek, but five years before that, our guide said it took only 20 minutes.  I can’t imagine how long it will take now!

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I realize that although I’ve been blogging some time, my closest circle of friends are busy mums who blog but not necessarily always actively. But here goes anyway, and I hope they find a couple of moments out of their day-to-day tasks, to daydream about destinations. 🙂  

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