Archive | December 29, 2010

Kids Say: I give you…

Two Fridays ago, DH and I went out to catch a late night movie.

As we popped in to their bedroom to say goodnight and bye, DD turned to me and said, “Mummy, I give a ring. Be careful with it, it’s a glass ring. Don’t break it.” And she slipped a pretend ring onto my finger.

“Okay, thanks sweetheart.”

“Mummy, I give you money.”, declared DS. And he walked up to me and put some pretend money in my palm.

“Wow, thank you both. I’ll take care of the ring…and the money will come in useful to buy popcorn to share with daddy.” They both looked very pleased.

I thought that was it, and then DD gave me a hug and said, “I give you a kiss.”
Not to be outdone, her brother got back up and rushing over to where I was, also hugged me and said, “I also give you a kiss.”

And then they happily bade us goodnight and went back to listening to the story their grandmother was reading.

I’m full of warm and fuzzy. Can life get any sweeter? 🙂