Archive | December 22, 2010

Kids Say: The best gift of all

We started a Christmas countdown on Sunday night. At bedtime, we gather on the bed and read about the birth of Jesus, and then each child gets to open one of their presents from under the tree.

We’ve only begun the practice this year. I feel it’s a lot better for the children to take the time to appreciate each individual present and its giver, and remember to give thanks for them in their bedtime prayers. We also remind the children that the ultimate gift giver is God, and His gift to us of His Son Jesus, that very first Christmas, is the greatest gift of all.

However, the following amusing conversation ensued on Sunday night, which underpinned all the more the importance and DH’s and my responsibility as Christian parents to impart the accurate picture to the children of the true meaning of Christmas. 🙂


Me: …And so, the wise men followed the special star and they found the baby Jesus, and Joseph and Mary. They brought gifts…
DD: Santa!!
Me: Er…no….

*three minute explanation about how Santa is a fictitious character and blah blah etc etc*

Me: So, who gave the best gift of all?
DD and DS: God! (hooray, model answer. I pass the test as a responsible parent. 😛 )
Me: And who is God’s best gift to us all?
DS: Me!! (eek. spoke too soon… :-P)