Archive | December 20, 2010

Ten Tips for a Top to Toe Workout for Busy Moms

1. Bring the family to the zoo during one of the busiest times of year.  Forget to bring the appropriate identification that should accompany the corporate pass, and spend 15 minutes negotiating, then begging and pleading with the admissions counter staff, while trying to remain calm, collected and in control, in front of your children. Mental and physical warm up to get the brain actively working, and with gesticulations, allows light neck and upper arm gross motor movements.

2. Rent a wagon. Place bags and kids inside wagon and take turns with your husband pulling the wagon across bumpy boardwalks and up and down slopes. Full arm, cardiovascular and leg muscle workout.

3. Scan the map for showtimes, and make a subconscious decision that the mission for the day is to make it for all but one of the shows within the morning half. Brisk walk or run while pulling wagon for an active cardiovascular and full body workout.

4. Arrive at the third showtime, and find all seats taken and only limited standing room . Park wagon a fair distance away. Carry the children so they can get a view of the elephants. Crane your neck, tiptoe while balancing your child and trying not to tip over onto the person next to you, to achieve that little bit more viewing height. Weight training for the upper body and upper arms.

5. Lunchtime. Run past milling crowds to get to said parked wagon a fair distance away, and attempt to pull wagon nearer to designated lunch spot. Unpack lunch while trying to chase son up and down steps to get him to sit down. Works lower leg and calf muscles.

6. Agree, upon popular request from children, that as an extended afternoon workout, your program should comprise the following stations in the following designated order: manatees, Rainforest Kidzworld carousel and pony rides, and finally, giraffes. Click here for map to view the route. Brisk walk or jog in afternoon sun works up a good sweat. Second cardiovascular and full body muscle workout.

7. Join the queue for the horse carriage ride, because you know, you’ve already paid for the value ticket to all three rides (oh joy!). To distract the kids and stop them from climbing down the stairs right into the path of the horse carriage, bring them on a circuit walk around the farm animal exhibits. Repeat as many times as necessary to pass time while waiting for queue to move. Full body muscle workout, but thankfully, at a more relaxed pace.

8. After completion of afternoon workout program, begin warm down routine and trek back out to zoo entrance/exit. Stop many times along the way, carrying the kids up out of the wagon to see animals that they can’t see at wagon level. Optional supplementary upper body and upper arm weights workout.

9. Warm down (or was that cool down…) by browsing in the souvenir shop at the exit.

10. Plonk everyone and everything into the car, turn the airconditioning up, take a deep breath, drink water to replenish expended fluids and sink back into your seat. You deserve a good rest after all that hard work!

Always remember to drink sufficient water, slather on sunblock in outdoor activity…and discontinue exercise and seek medical attention if you should experience any discomfort or pain. 😉

Next week: Repeat all steps except no. 1 in Jurong Bird Park. 😛