Archive | December 14, 2010

Alphabet Wall: Making…F for Farm and Fence

December has a knack for being one of the busiest months of the year, for completely inexplicable reasons. I mean…it’s supposed to BE a holiday season.

When I think holiday, I think relaxation, slowing down the pace, lazing with a book.  But no no no, here I am rushing around like a madcap, cramming work deadlines, missing mealtimes, getting home late…arrgh. I can’t wait to go on leave.

Fortunately, we had this drafted up and ready in a drawer, for these kinds of busy weeks, so we pulled it out.

You will need the following materials: Some uppercase letter F’s cut out from coloured paper, (scissors), crayons, artblock sheet, glue.

1. Ask your child to draw his or her favourite farm animals on the artblock sheet. For a younger child, you can ask him or her to pick his or her favourites from a book and draw it for him or her.

2. After they are done, apply glue onto the letters and paste in a row, to form a fence.