Exactly like my dad

The other day our kids were jumping on the bed
I said – “Stop jumping, get down before you hurt your head.”
Of course they didn’t listen, not till the boy fell on his sister and made her mad
Just then it struck me, I sounded exactly like my dad.

In our youth, my brother and I liked to high jump the sofa from the back
And now my children do the same! “Don’t climb like that, I’d like my sofa not to crack.”
As the words tumble right off my tongue, I have to admit it’s really quite a scary fact
Oh my, I sound exactly like my dad.

Early in the morning, when I rouse the children from their beds
I give them each a back rub, and muss the hair upon their heads
It’s the way dad used to wake me; and their sleepy smiles and cuddles make me glad
So I figure…it’s not so bad, to sound (and be) exactly like my dad.

iwonderbee creations – All rights reserved.

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