Archive | December 2, 2010

Preschooler Art: Family gathering

How innocent the illustrations of a child. But how poignant a reminder too of the passage in Isaiah 11:6, that one day, the lion and the lamb (and horse, too, I figure) shall be able to live alongside each other in peace and not one in fear of the other.

DD drew this picture for her grandmother yesterday and showed it to DH and I at the breakfast table.

I spent a long time studying the picture.

I like how the faces of the lions have been drawn, and in particular, the placement of the eyes on the faces. The lioness is looking up at the lion, and the lion has his face turned towards his mate. The littlest cub is looking up at the horses.  It’s a peaceful, loving and happy scene.

There is a jie jie (Chinese language for big sister) lion cub, standing and chatting with the horse family, and I like how she has grasped the concept of how one does not necessarily need to show everything in its full and complete form (within a frame to communicate that it is there in the picture (i.e. horses and jie jie cub are drawn only partially but it is clear to the observer that they form part of the picture).

DH and I are now starting to feel our own limitations and are really thinking we should consider sending her for art classes to let her explore more variety of technique and art media!