Archive | December 1, 2010

Kids Say: Don’t speed.

All day in the car, on the trip to church, to lunch, and back, DD had been seeking our approval for her having left her soft toy dog at home instead of her usual insistence on bringing it out wherever she went.  On the way back from lunch…

DD: Are we going home now? 

Me: Yes, we are going home now.

DD: So when we reach home, doggie is there waiting for me?

Me: Yes. We’re speeding home to doggie, okay?

DD: Why do you say we are speeding?

Me: … You’re right. That was a poor choice of words on my part. We are not speeding, but we’re driving home as fast as we can manage.

DD: Daddy?

DH: Yes.

DD: Don’t drive too fast, okay? You need to drive slower. *this statement made when we slowed to 35 kmh to turn off at the exit to our suburb*

DH and I: Uh huh… okay…