Alphabet Wall: Making…U for Underground, Underwater

This makes a good sorting exercise and resulted in some good cooperation by the siblings, at least until the colouring part of the activity, where each chose an individual piece to work on. But I like how that also results in some variety on their Alphabet Walls (yes, we have two, on the wall by each of their beds, showcasing their work.) 😀

You will need the following materials: Coloured paper in various shades (we chose yellow, blue and brown), white sheet of paper, ink pen, scissors, glue, crayons.

1. On the white sheet of paper, draw an assortment of land and sea creatures which live underground and underwater. Alternatively, you can print these from images off the internet.  (Believe it or not, I’m lazier to set up the printer than I am to sit and copy off an image with pencil and ink it over…).
2. Cut these out with the scissors and set aside.

3. On a coloured sheet of paper, cut out two block uppercase letter U’s. These need to be wide enough, so that you can paste a sheet of blue/brown paper on the inset for your underwater/underground scene.

4. On the back of the first letter U, paste on a blue sheet of paper. Paste a brown sheet on the back of the second letter U.
5. Now you’re ready to sort the land and sea creatures.

6. When satisfied, paste on with glue.

7. Colour when the glue has dried.

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One response to “Alphabet Wall: Making…U for Underground, Underwater”

  1. shyllinski says :

    I like this project, going to use it when I teach my kids the letter U. Very Unique!!

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