Alphabet Wall: Making…K for Keyboard

In my childhood, I remember creating a replica of the piano keyboard (yup, all seven octaves 😉 ) by drawing out the white and black keys and colouring them in with colour pencils on multiple sheets of paper taped together in a long strip, so I could have a “portable piano” to practise on when away from home on a vacation to my grandparents’ home in another state.

I really loved my “portable piano” and would fold it away carefully after each practice session.
This craft sure brought back happy memories of making that “portable piano”. I wonder whether it’s still tucked away in a shelf somewhere in my parents’ home… hmm.

You will need the following materials: White and coloured paper in a shade of your choice, black craft foam, scissors, marker, glue.

1. With the marker, draw a block uppercase letter K on the coloured sheet of paper.

2. Cut out some white and black keys from the white sheet of paper and black craft foam.

3. Apply glue on the straight spine of the letter K, and paste the keys on accordingly. (We used a toy keyboard for the kids to refer to).

4. Colour or decorate the keyboard if you like.

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