In my world: Just drummin’ away

I was in the midst of practising on the piano for Sunday worship last Friday, and did not quite notice that I’d had drums accompaniment for the last five minutes.

Apparently, DD had pulled up a chair,  and was busily drumming a beat on the toy drum set to the song I was playing!
Here’s a blurry shot of her in action – foot on the bass drum pedal, clashing cymbals and all…

…and a clearer one of the said chair and drum set.  Yes, it is missing one drumstick…but that doesn’t cramp the kids’ style one bit! 😉

Sometimes in the middle of cleaning the rooms, I discover little gems left behind by the children. This Friday series was started with the intention of celebrating the imagination and creativity in a young child’s world…and hoping that it’ll bring a little ray of inspiration and joy to your day, as it does mine.


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