Alphabet Wall: Making…N for Numbers

When I did this a year or more ago with DD (click here), what I sought to achieve was mostly just to show her what numbers in general looked like. As in, 100, 156, 3, 5, etc are all numbers.

It however was not very effective, and I believe it was really because the number 156 in front of her, would have been akin to putting Wingdings font in front of someone, i.e. it meant nothing to her because the numbers she was able to identify at her present stage of development were the single digit ones.

So this time round, I limited the numbers that I cut out, to 1 through 10, and tried to keep the fonts easy to read and consistent.  And I think it went a lot better. 🙂

You will need the following materials: Numbers cut from old magazines, marker, art block sheet, glue.

1. With the marker, draw a block uppercase letter N on the art block sheet.
2. Apply glue, and let the children call out the numbers as they paste them on.


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