Midnight Madness

12:00pm Walk past a fruit stall while on the way to lunch with a colleague. Oooh, look at the strawberries…and the blueberries!   Make a mental note to buy a punnet of each on the way back.

1:30pm Return to office and set an alert on Microsoft Outlook to remind myself to take out the fruits from the office refrigerator and bring them home.

7:00pm Meetings overrun. System production issues. Calls, calls, calls. The alert pops up and is clicked on and soon forgotten in the melee, and so are the fruits in the refrigerator.  😦

8:50am Fire up pc at workdesk and set another alert on Microsoft Outlook.

6:30pm Meetings overrun. Calls, calls, calls. But I remember this time, without needing the alert. *yeah!*

7:10pm Meet DH and DD at the Chinese class enrichment centre. Give her a sneak peek of the strawberries I bought. She walks into class with a wide smile, and I skip back home all warm and fuzzy.

8:55pm DD arrives home.
“Mummy, did you put the strawberries in the fridge?”
“Yes I did. We’ll have them for breakfast tomorrow, okay?”
“Can I have pancakes with strawberries?”
“Hmm, I can promise on the strawberries but we’ll have to see about the pancakes.”

11:15pm DH and I start pulling out ingredients from the kitchen cabinets. Sift flour, sugar, beat eggs, pour milk. Mix. Heat up pan.

12:00am Plate of freshly made pancakes cooling on the table. I wash the dishes and DH cleans the kitchen counter. Happy. 🙂

12:40am Pack the pancakes into a container for breakfast in seven hours’ time. My head finally hits the pillows. I’m tired, but satisfied, and definitely thankful that it’s the last workday for the week.

Happy Brekkie!


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