Alphabet Wall: Making…A for Aeroplane

This craft is purposely intended to be simple and not too detailed, as you may need to, or want to, make multiples of it to withstand the kind of play it’ll probably undergo. Ours already started getting blunt noses, way before their first test flights. 😉

There’s something rather therapeutic in making many paper aeroplanes together and sailing them back and forth through the air, not to mention it’s great for expending excess pre-schooler energy after a structured craft time. 🙂

You will need the following materials: White A4 sheet of paper, coloured paper, scissors, double sided tape.

1. With your scissors, cut out a slim uppercase letter A from the coloured paper. Attach some double sided tape on the back.

2. Fold a paper aeroplane with the white sheet of paper.

3. Paste on the letter A and we’re done!

4. Whizz on away!

Ours is a really basic paper model, but here is a link  I found, to some really fun sounding experiments in paper aeroplane design and aerodynamics, for kids of all ages(yeah, you and me included!).


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