Kids Say: I can do it!

Last Sunday, our nephew visited and in the evening, both he and DD took their tricycles outdoors to cycle. Not to be left behind, the youngest one, DS, asked to be allowed to bring his “car” out to join them. The “car” essentially looks like this.

So picture this manually driven machine pitted against a tricycle’s potential kinetic power…

As the older kids cycled merrily (and relatively, effortlessly) around the driveway, DS pushed his car forward, paddling furiously with his little legs to keep up. Talk about legwork!

He paused midway to catch a breath, and cheered them on as they cycled around the pillar in the driveway. I was sitting on the doorstep watching, and decided to clap along with and for him, to give him some encouragement as well. But he responded, “No Mummy, you don’t clap for me. I’m clapping for Jie Jie and Ko Ko. You clap when I go round [the pillar].”

And then, mustering up a new burst of energy, he swung his car towards the pillar, and setting a determined face to it, began paddling with all his might. He completed that circuit with a big grin of accomplishment. 🙂

I clapped.
I clapped, with a lump in my throat and tears pricking behind my eyes at the purity of the lesson I’d just gained from my innocent two-year old who had no idea why his mother was smiling and blinking at the same time.
I clapped with a deep pride for his positive outlook, and his never-give-up attitude.

I want to be this big-hearted.

I want to be this positive.


Thank you, son.


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