Alphabet Wall: Making…V for Vase

I was trying to think of a 3D way to stick some flowers into the vase.

After experimenting with various different ways to cut the paper, I finally decided this met the requirements to be simple enough for young fingers to execute and sturdy enough to hold the flowers. But if you have any other ideas, I’d be really glad to hear from you! 🙂

You will need the following materials: Coloured paper, scissors, double sided tape, glue, silk flowers, marker (optional).

1. With your scissors, cut out a block letter V from one of the sheets of coloured paper. Set aside.

2. Cut out a circle from another sheet of coloured paper. Make a cut from the outside in towards the centre. Paste on double sided tape.

Fold into a cone.

3. Paste the cone onto a third sheet of coloured paper.

4. Paste the letter V onto the cone.

5. Place the silk flowers into the vase.


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