Alphabet Wall: Making…M for Money

I originally wanted to do M for Mountain, but spying a stack of change that DH had plonked on the bedside table when he got home, somehow reminded me of primary school days and doing crayon rubbings with coins.

You will need: Coins of different denomination, double-sided tape, white sheets of paper, crayons.

1. On a white sheet of paper, paste on the coins in the shape of a letter M (as shown in the picture above). We used double-sided tape to secure the coins to the paper.

2. Place a clean sheet of paper over the M template, and rub the pattern out with crayons.

3. You can also let the kids feel the coins, talk about the design and texture of a minted coin, and how and why each coin is different in size and detail.

Notes to parents:

  1. As an additional activity, to help your child appreciate the use and value of money, you may want to remove the coins from the paper, peel off the tape and take a trip to the neighbourhood grocery store together, to buy something the family can enjoy.  🙂
  2. Or, if your country’s central bank or monetary authority allows public visits or field trips, you can bring the children to learn all about the real making of money – the minting, the printing, and for older children, maybe even the concept of money creation in the banking system. 😀


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One response to “Alphabet Wall: Making…M for Money”

  1. Pancakes For Recess says :

    Great activity! I love how tactile it is…

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