Mommy Musings

I’ve been on leave for the past two weeks! It’s been an indescribably glorious extended time of being home with the children, spending magical hours together with books, craft, paints, puzzles, in the garden, on their tricycles and all sorts of stuff.

But it’s also been very very busy as it means we spend most nights up late after the kids have gone to bed, thinking up lesson plans for the next day (and these are not even very formal lesson plans, just things to help put some structure to the day!). After having done this for two weeks, I have a deep respect for homeschooling moms, a few of whose blogs I follow regularly. They do so much on a daily basis, and imagine the planning that goes into ensuring adherence to a formal schooling syllabus. Phew.

Anyway. Here’s an average day in our lives, for the past two weeks.

8:30am Playdoh session.
8:50am Alphabet Craft or craft for fun.
9:50am DS takes a nap. I work on a math-related activity with DD.
10:10am Free art time for DD while I get some chores done.
10:40am Book reading with DD.
11:30am Lunch.
12:30pm Free play.
2:00pm Afternoon naps.
4:00pm Quiet play with puzzles, wooden blocks, or books.
4:45pm Outdoor time.
5:45pm Dinner for the children.
7:45pm Dinner for the adults.
8:30pm Bible story time.

I will absolutely, totally, thoroughly miss every moment when I return to work on Wednesday. And that…is putting it indescribably mildly.
… 😦 …


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