Alphabet Wall: Making…R for Rabbit

A shy little house guest has been fascinating our children for the last couple of days. We’re babysitting Kenji, our nephew’s rabbit for a couple of days.   This is one of the few clearer pics that I managed to capture of him before he ducked back into his home and refused to come back out.

And I couldn’t resist this alphabet craft. 😉

You will need the following materials: Cotton buds or wool, cotton pads (the kind used for makeup removal), glue, marker, art block sheet, scissors, crayons (optional).

1. With the marker, draw a block letter R on the art block sheet, leaving enough room at the top of the sheet to draw a set of rabbit ears, and at the left hand side to paste a fluffy tail.

2. Apply glue on the letter and paste on the cotton pads.

3. Finally, paste on the cotton wool or cotton buds for the tail.

4. Paste on the rabbit’s ears, draw in a nose and whiskers and colour your rabbit if you like.

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3 responses to “Alphabet Wall: Making…R for Rabbit”

  1. sherry segal says :

    We love what you are doing. We would share them all if We could, but we don’t think you would like that! But, we are definitely going to share letter R.

    all the best,
    Sherry + Wendy @ Kiboomu

    • iwonderbee says :

      Dear Sherry and Wendy,

      Thanks for stopping by the site and sharing letter R on yours. Your website has also given me some great fun ideas for craft! 🙂

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