Wordcraft: Making…S for Star

A colleague passed me a pack of silver star stickers that she had no use for. It was still new and only slightly used for a previous team-building activity. Wow, I’ve never had a whole pack of silver star stickers before! (because I’m too stingy busy lazy to go to the stationery store and pick one up…) 😛


This craft was thought up on the fly (short list of materials, short list of steps..hehe)  and on a more serious note…I thought that aside from being a great quiet activity for DD while her brother was napping, it was also good for practicing fine motor skills and developing concentration and perseverance.

You will need: Star stickers, black or midnight blue coloured paper or card, silver gel ink pen.

1. With the silver gel ink pen, write the word “s t a r” on the coloured paper or card.

2. Take some time together with your child to read the letters, spell the word, sound it out….and paste the stickers, tracing the lines of the letters.

Lots of concentration! 🙂

I prepared a simpler activity for DS.  About the same materials, except I cut out a letter S from the dark blue card.



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