Preschooler Art: A mathematical rainbow collage

Okay I admit, I did not think of the math angle till we were through the red and orange squares and starting on the yellow.  😉

Originally, all I set out to do was a fine motor skills activity using small squares of colour paper to make a rainbow.

Along the way, it sort of evolved into a counting the leftovers activity when I  casually pointed out to DD that the orange arc was smaller than the red arc.  And the yellow was smaller than the orange, and so on and so forth. 

So then we got to counting the number of squares leftover in each cup, with the completion of each colour’s arc.  🙂  She tired out after counting up to blue, but I think that was pretty good after all that focused concentration on pasting the colours.

Leftovers Count:

  • Red = 0
  • Orange = 3
  • Yellow = 3
  • Green = 10
  • Blue = 14
  • Indigo and Violet = ??  😛

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One response to “Preschooler Art: A mathematical rainbow collage”

  1. Phyllis says :

    Very cool art and math activity! I might have to do this with my youngest.

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