Kids Say: Hobson’s Choice Part II or “That’s NOT food!!!”

DD: (walking into the kitchen) Hi, may I take your order please?
Grandma: Yes, may I have spaghetti and meatballs?
DD: Okay. (turning to Grandpa), please may I have your order?
Grandpa: Yes please. (with a twinkle in his eye) I would like one tyrannosaurus rex and one stegosaurus.
DD: One tyranno….pffffthhhh!! (bursts out laughing) Tyrannosaurus?? Tyrannosaurus?!

The adults erupt into laughter and so does DD. As she walks out of the kitchen, DD turns back and declares, “Tyrannosaurus is NOT fo-oo-d.”

A minute later, DD walks back in and sets the dishes on the table.

DD: Okay. Spaghetti for you. (turning to Grandma)
Grandma: Thank you. And what did you give Grandpa in the end?
DD: Spaghetti.
Grandpa: No tyrannosaurus?
DD: No. (very matter of factly) You can’t eat a tyrannosaurus.

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