Alphabet Wall: Making…J for Jellyfish

A thought just occurred to me while sitting here typing the tutorial for this craft – Especially after reading about the biology and life cycle of a jellyfish, I can’t believe we merrily ingest these little stingers at Chinese wedding dinners…

Maybe I’ll pass, next dinner I attend.

You will need the following materials: Coloured paper, tissue paper, white sheet of paper, marker, scissors, glue.

1. Cut out a semi-circle shape from the coloured paper for the bell of the jellyfish. (As an alternative, you can try using different materials, e.g. craft foam, painted tissue paper, etc.)

2. Cut the tissue paper into strips. These are for the tentacles.

3. On your white sheet of paper, draw an uppercase letter J.

4. Apply glue following the shape of the letter J. Paste the bell on the horizontal line and the tentacles following the curve of the J.

5. Decorate your picture. 🙂  (DD drew herself and her brother “swimming in the ocean, wearing goggles”).  Way cute!

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