Alphabet Wall: Making…T for Telephone

Ring ring!  “Hello, grandma!” 🙂

You will need the following materials: Black craft foam, white coloured paper, marker, scissors, double-sided tape, artblock sheet, paints, glue.

1. Cut 12 small squares from the white paper, marking the numbers 0 to 9, and the symbols, # and * to make the press buttons for the telephone. Paste these onto the craft foam with double-sided tape. Set aside.

2. With a marker, draw a block uppercase letter T on the artblock sheet. (Tip: Place the number buttons as a guide to estimate the width of the vertical bar.)

3. Paint!

4. After the paint has dried, paste on the number buttons. We used our home telephone as a template. 😀

Whilst DD happily worked on the number placements comparison with some guidance from DH, it would have been a long shot to expect our 2 year old boy to do the same, so I just made it a simple number identification and counting exercise. 

All done!

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