Alphabet Wall: Making…H for Hands

This turned out to be a pretty fun, free art activity as the kids were more than happy to draw around their own hands and add details on the cutouts, like fingernails, smiley faces and write the names of the people who belonged to the respective hand cutouts. 

Unlike our usual alphabet wall craft where I have one set each for DS and DD, this time I chose to do a big piece as a collaborative effort of many hands – so this piece is made up of DS’s, DD’s, my mother’s and my hands.  🙂

You will need the following materials: Coloured paper, pencils, marker, scissors, glue.

1. Trace around your hands on the coloured paper. Add details if you like! Cut out the traced outlines and set aside.

2. With your marker, draw a block uppercase letter H on the artblock sheet.  (DS took the opportunity to scribble while I was distracted by something else).

3. Paste the hands onto the letter H.

4. Done!


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