Alphabet Wall: Making…G for Goldfish

This was a really popular craft with the kids. They actually wanted to make some more, so maybe we will do more later this week, soon as I get the chance to draw and cut out more eyes. (should just invest in a pack of googly eyes from the craft supplies store…)

You will need the following materials: Coloured paper (I used orange for my goldfish and blue for the background), pencil, marker, crepe or tissue paper to match, scissors, glue.

1. Trace a block uppercase letter G on the orange sheet of coloured paper. Cut it out and set aside.

2. Cut out a trapezium shape from your crepe or tissue paper.
3. You might also want to draw and cut out eyes for your goldfish. Alternatively just draw them on.

4. Paste on the letter G,

followed by the tail, and the eyes.



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