Pasir Ris Park

It was years ago when I first visited Pasir Ris Park.  Ten, to be exact. In a Christian Fellowship cell group retreat.

So it was with fond memories today that I stepped back into the park ten years later, recalling –

the salty smell of sea breeze accompanying our bible studies, 

cooking Coca-Cola chicken and really awful stir-fried vegetables for the group’s lunch because we bought groceries but forgot condiments,

evening walks at the playground,

and staying up late into the night trading funny stories over chicken wing and ah balling suppers.

Why did it take me ten years to return?  Well, travel distance is probably the biggest factor.  Pasir Ris is all the way at the eastern tip of the island.  But it’s probably the travel distance that makes it the wonderfully quiet, tranquil place it is.  There aren’t hordes of people crowding the place, and there’s plenty of wide open space – sky, sea and land – every angle you turn.

We arrived early in the morning to a virtually empty car park, trekked a short distance through the greenery to get to the beach, and found ourselves a comfy spot at the edge of the grass.

And when the sun grew hot, we packed up and headed for the shade of the trees and spent some time running up and down the grassy mounds and checking out the playground slides and swings.

After a week’s worth of being holed up in full day meetings, surviving on blech takeaway food, weak tea and bitter coffee…this…was truly respite for the soul.


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