Alphabet Wall: Making…O for Octopus

It’s been a long time since we did sponge painting…so I decided to try it again.  🙂 

Sorry, pics are slightly blurry/dreamy looking because this craft was done by the light of the setting sun…

You will need the following materials: A piece of cardboard, marker, sponge, paints, scissors, glue, crepe paper.

1. On the cardboard, draw a block letter O with the marker.

2. Mix the paints, dip the sponge in and go! Follow the shape of the O or just cover the whole piece of cardboard, it doesn’t matter. 🙂   Set aside to dry.

Took the opportunity to throw in a colour mixing lesson… 😉

3. Cut 8 strips of crepe paper for the octopus’s tentacles and set aside.

4. Once the painted O is dry, cut the O out.

5. Paste the tentacles on.

Don’t forget to draw or paste on some eyes, and you’re done!


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