DS’s birthday!

We celebrated DS’s birthday yesterday.  😀

We had two parties, one at lunch for some close friends and one in the evening, for the extended family.

The lunchtime party was dinosaur themed, complete with a dinosaur cake.

The kids had a blast painting a giant dinosaur card for DS, with giant paint bottles and “giant” paintbrushes.

We also designed an iwonderbee alphabet craft “d for dinosaur” for the occasion.

In the evening, the relatives started arriving in batches from 6:30pm and sat around chatting over yummy food courtesy of our two moms. 

We made an elephant cake for the evening party.  🙂

After taking baby steps through the previous birthdays, from buying a cake and decorating it with toppers…to baking our own cake and getting a friend to help frost it…to making a cake and decorating with fruits, we took the leap to baking the cakes and frosting them ourselves!!

It was hard work all Friday morning after breakfast; sifting, creaming, pouring and keeping watch on the oven.  After a break in the afternoon and evening for business-as-usual activities of baths, naps, cooking, meals and cleaning, our little mini bakery resumed work at 10:30pm to prepare the frosting.

By 1:30am Saturday morning when we finally finished frosting the cakes, I lost count of the number of times I’d cleaned the kitchen counters and washed my mixer bowl and tools! But it was thoroughly fun experimenting with cake decorating, and entirely worth it because now both DH and I have learnt a new skill.  🙂

It was all grand.


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