Alphabet Wall: Making…C is for Crab

C, again? Yeah…I don’t really have an explanation why, but for some reason, when I sat down at my bureau, that’s the first craft idea that came to mind. Oh well, just take this as an iwonderbee original to balance out the C for Caterpillar borrowed idea.  🙂

You will need: Orange and blue coloured paper, marker, scissors, A5 sized 200 gsm paper, glue.

1. On the orange sheet of coloured paper, draw the following, cut and set aside:-

  • A large oval shape for the crab’s body, and add eyes.
  • 8 small crescent shapes, these make the crab’s legs, shaped like letter c’s.  (Yes, I drew and cut 16 of these!! Talk about fine motor skills exercise for mommy…)
  •  2 slight bigger crescent shapes for the pincers, again shaped like letter c’s.
  • 2 skinny rectangles.

2. Cut out some waves from the blue sheet of coloured paper.

3. Paste the waves on first.
4. Next, paste on the body, followed by 4 crescents on either side of the oval for the crab’s .
5. Finally, paste on the rectangles and the pincers.

Sorry, no step by step pics…I was frankly too busy trying to retrieve DD’s 8 crescents from DS and not lose his 8 crescents!


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