Singapore National Day Craft

Singapore celebrates its 45th National Day this coming Monday, so in conjunction with that, DH came up with a craft idea for the kids. I don’t know what you call it, it’s a sort of wind sock but not quite…  😛 

This craft calls for a fair amount of parental assistance…make it a family project!  😀

You will need: a paper cup, red paint, white sticker labels (alternatively, any white sheet of paper will do), scissors, a white plastic bag, a red plastic bag, cellophane tape, a chopstick, and a rubber band.

1. Paint the paper cup red. Let dry.

2. While the paper cup is drying, cut out a white crescent moon and five small white stars. Also cut 5 x 0.5 inch strips from the red and white plastic bags to make streamers. You’ll want to have enough to go round the narrower circumference of the cup.

3. Cut out the bottom of the cup.

4. Paste on two white sticker labels leaving a space of red in between each.
5. Paste the crescent moon and stars on the red section.

6. Secure the streamers all around the narrower circumference of the cup with cellophane tape.

7. Poke a chopstick through from bottom to top. Secure the bottom with a rubber band to prevent the cup from slipping through.

Bring it out, maybe to the parade, or the heartland celebrations…and catch the breeze! Happy National Day  🙂

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Parent tips and tricks:-

  • To prevent paint on fingers when painting the paper cup, put your fist into the cup to hold it securely, then paint. This is also why we don’t cut out the bottom till after this step.
  • To poke holes into the cup for the chopstick, place a lump of modeling clay on the inner side of the cup and make a hole by pushing a pencil point into it from the outer side. Easy, and safe!  🙂
  • Pasting tiny stars is tough on anyone’s fingers.  An easy way to do it is to arrange the crescent moon and stars on the table first. Place a strip of cellophane tape over it – the moon and stars will adhere to the tape, and then paste the tape onto the cup.

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