Creepy crawlies for real!

How coincidental is this…

Just a couple of days after we do C for Caterpillar, DH’s mum brings in these real caterpillars she caught from the garden, eating the leaves of her prized plants!

Eeeeeeeee!! This is the first time I’ve ever observed caterpillars THIS up close! They send shivers down my spine, but DS (as with most boys, I figure) thinks they are really cute. 


They’re in a corner of our kitchen now, crunching through leaves like there’s no tomorrow (and defecating at that rate as well, bleagh…) and we’re wondering if we’ll get a chance to see them spin into a cocoon and emerge as butterflies!


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4 responses to “Creepy crawlies for real!”

  1. The Brother says :

    I think for them to spin a cocoon, they will need a branch to hang from. Maybe get a vivarium with plants in them, it is more natural after all. Or, they may well just be forced to spin their cocoons in what looks like a plastic punnet.

    • iwonderbee says :

      Well yeah, the latest turn of events is that we gave them leaves from another plant, and they’ve been on a hunger strike overnight. They’ve refused to eat these new leaves so am wondering if we’ll even reach the cocoon stage…maybe they’ll die of hunger first, or start attacking each other, I dunno.
      I confess I don’t know much about what cornered and hungry caterpillars do in real life.

      Whatever the case, I’m not up to the task whether it be cleaning out their faeces (herbivores though they may be) and * shudder shudder shudder * or actually performing the physical transfer from the punnet to a vivarium or in our case, a taller container with branches in it. DH can do the honours and I’ll just be the cheerleader on the side!

      • The Brother says :

        I guess caterpillars are quite choosy with their diet. I just read this:

        Good luck to DH’s mom’s plant. And good luck to you – these guys can only grow bigger.

      • iwonderbee says :

        Heya, after reading the article link you sent, it would have been unkind to have continued to keep them because we ran out of the kind of leaves they preferred.

        It was a very interesting read!
        We eventually released them back out and I hope they manage to find back the plant that suits their diet.

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