Alphabet Wall: Making…C for Caterpillar

I know I made C for Caterpillar the last time (click here for the link), and no, I don’t have any particular fascination for creepy crawlies…

…but there was this fantastic idea from a book we borrowed, titled “Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild About Insects” by Kathy Ross, 1997 Millbrook Press.

It lets you make both a caterpillar and a butterfly, which is a great opportunity to talk about the life cycle for a caterpillar! The following are our own adapted instructions from the original idea in the book.

You will need the following materials: coloured paper in A4 size(I chose green and yellow, strips of coloured paper (I chose yellow and orange), glue, marker, scissors, stickers.

1. Paste a sheet of green coloured paper onto a sheet of yellow coloured paper. Leave to dry. (This is an optional step. I did this because I wanted to differentiate between my caterpillar and butterfly’s colours. If you don’t mind them being the same colour, you can skip this step).

2. Fold your sheet of paper into half, book style.
3. With a marker, draw an arched caterpillar shape (a chubby C), with the back of the caterpillar on the fold.

4. Decorate your caterpillar by pasting on the coloured strips of paper. Leave to dry.

5. Cut out the caterpillar, leaving the back that is on the fold uncut. This is so that when you open the folded caterpillar, you’ll get a butterfly.

6. Flip open and draw the body of the butterfly on the fold.

7. Decorate your butterfly with stickers, and anything else you’d like to add.

And you’re done!


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2 responses to “Alphabet Wall: Making…C for Caterpillar”

  1. Wall Decor says :

    What an excellent craft idea! imagine that stuck on the kid’s room door! its a cheap and effective way of decorating kids rooms.

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