Alphabet Wall: Making…P for “Paste a Penguin”

You will need the following materials: Black craft foam, grey, black and orange coloured paper (alternatives: cardboard and old magazines), white artblock sheet, scissors, glue.

Stage 1: With your scissors you will need to cut the following:-

1. A letter P out of the black craft foam.
2. A black circle and a smaller orange one for the eye of the penguin (alternatively, you can use a googly eye or draw it in.)
3. A grey piece for the penguin’s body.
4. A white piece for the penguin’s chest (optional).
5. Two black pieces for the back and flipper of the penguin.
6. Two orange feet and a beak.

Stage 2: And now, the pasting…
7. First, the eye. Paste the tiny orange circle in the middle of the black circle. Set aside.
8. Next, paste the feet of the penguin (around the lower centre portion of the artblock sheet.)

9. Then, paste the grey piece for the body, overlapping on top of the feet.

10. After that, paste the white piece for the chest.

11. Paste on the penguin’s back.

12. Add the letter P.

13. Paste on the flipper, eye and beak.


Note to parents:  If you don’t mind a penguin that’s slightly more geometric, try making this into a shapes activity – use rectangles for the body, circles for the eyes and feet and triangles for the back and flippers.  Or if  you want to take it one level further, use only one type of shape, e.g. ALL triangles!  😛


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