Alphabet Wall: Making…B for Bee

You will need the following materials: cardboard, coloured paper – black and yellow, tracing paper, markers, scissors, glue, pipe cleaners, ice-cream stick, cellophane tape.

[Note: For the yellow colour, I used craft foam for a layering effect. If you have different materials, do take the opportunity to experiment with different materials and textures.]

1. With your marker, draw the body of the bee on the cardboard. Also draw a head with a face for your bee. Cut these out.

2. Draw the letter B on your tracing paper. The height of the letter should be approximately the same as the length of the bee’s body.

3. Cut out strips of paper from the black and yellow coloured paper with a width of approximately 1 inch and length to match the width of the bee’s body.

4. Now you’re ready to make your bee!
5. Have your child colour the letter B on the sheet of tracing paper. 

6. Paste the strips of yellow and black paper onto the body of the bee. This makes a good patterning exercise for younger children.

7. Paste on the head of the bee. Let dry.

8. While your child is pasting, cut out the letter B.

9. When the bee is dry, trim the excess edges off the yellow and black paper.
10. Using cellophane tape, stick the letter B onto the right hand side of the bee. Also stick on the feelers and the ice-cream stick.


Two busy bees buzzing ‘round the flowers.  🙂


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