Alphabet Wall: Making…W for Wool

Admission. Two weeks into trying to think of a Bible alphabet craft for y, and I’m not getting anywhere. (I’m trying not to go the route of y is for yarn, can’t find an ideal way of representing y is for yoke, and am not quite ready to find out the effects of mixing a reactive agent with PVA glue on the kids’ bedroom wall for y is for yeast….)   So. I’m parking that aside for the moment and getting on with life!

Having gone full circle on uppercase letters and (almost) all Bible lowercase letters, we’re back to the regular Alphabet Craft series, and this time, we’re back to covering the uppercase set.  🙂

I pulled this together as a quick craft with DS when DD was out attending a trial Chinese language lesson.

You will need the following materials: coloured paper, marker, wool/cotton wool (I had some real raw unprocessed wool handy, but cotton wool works just as well), glue.

1. With your marker, draw a block letter W on the coloured paper.

2. Using glue, stick the wool onto the W.

Incredibly simple and very fast to put together.  🙂


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